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A New Deep Happy

December 31, 2014

                                                       Photo by William Haney

This was a year of transition for me. After a fulfilling 30 year career in Corporate America as a Chemist, my decision to become a travel artisan focusing on coaching and public speaking led me to find a new deep happiness.

Seeing and experiencing new places and different cultures as a solo traveler has been life changing.  I'm passionate about motivating people to be open to it and to help experienced travelers...

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Looking Back

January 3, 2018


2017 was a year of growing my personal brand and doing things that were off my radar.

I ran with my ukulele passion by developing accelerated learning programs. The model energized people to succeed with fun and adventure.

I took a step back to assess my experiments with making uncommon adventure common.  The depth and breadth of the results showed that I had become an Experience Artist.

I invested the month of December to be my authentic and playful self - as a personal celebration....

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